Hawk Attack

13 Jan

Today was the scariest hawk encounter we have had to date.

I was sitting in my room a few hours after I let the girls out in the morning when I saw Whisker’s running around frantically in the snow. Normally the girls don’t like to walk in the snow and tend to hang out under the plywood run we build for them. I figured something was up.

I opened my window to ask Whiskers what was going on figuring one of the girls got crazy and decided to jump the neighbor’s fence or something. All I heard was another chicken crying out for help so I ran outside to see what was going on.

Much to my chagrin, right there on the porch was a Cooper’s Hawk and Misses Clucksworth going at in a tussle I can only describe as looking like a rumble between a cartoon dog and cat. There was no telling where one of them ended and where there other one began. The startled hawk flew about ten feet away landing on the railing of the deck as I searched for something to throw at it while Misses Clucksworth came running towards me.

The hawk wisely flew another 50 feet into a neighbor’s tree as I yelled to my roommate to find his BB gun. I know killing a hawk is likely illegal, but I also understand that there would be no legal problems assuming I got rid of the body quickly. The hawk thought for a minute and left before I could eliminate it.

Misses Clucksworth seemed pretty shaken up and had a few ruffled feathers but other than that she seemed alright. There was a single large drop of blood on our porch, but I could not seem to find any coming from Misses Clucksworth.

Chickens 1, Hawk 0.



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